Once again this year, the 2021 VET Summit will be ONLINE! This year with an expanded platform, expo hall, day-of networking and more, this event will be one you won’t want to miss!

Transition. Decoded.

There are more than 18 million veterans across the United States—and many of those veterans, along with military spouses, are currently unemployed— or, in other cases, underemployed or undereducated.

The transition to civilian or corporate employment has its own challenges, as well—challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure our veteran and military populations can find their fit within our workforce. From identifying potential gaps in the hiring process to translating skills, the Veteran Employment Summit was designed to address these challenges, as well as uncover opportunities for job-seeking veterans and employee-seeking companies.

This two-day conference, held November 4 and 5, 2021 will focus on both sides of veteran employment—the hiring side (for corporate professionals) and the employment side (for veterans, transitioning military and military spouses).

Speaker Lineup

VET Summit speakers come from all walks of life, with one thing in common: they are passionate about sharing their insights with the veteran and military spouse communities. Here’s who you’ll hear from in 2021.

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What to Expect

The best part of each VET Summit is the opportunity to hear from thought leaders, career specialists and other veterans and military spouses who understand the challenges and opportunities that can be found in transition.

For our 2021 Summit, you’ll hear speakers from across the U.S. in the following categories:

  • Transition Tips/Successes
  • Job Search/Career Planning
  • Education/GI Bill
  • Financial Planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mental Health
  • MilSpouse hiring
  • Personal Stories
  • Veteran Hiring & Retention / Best Practices
  • Leadership/Motivation

We’ll also have live networking throughout the conference, as well as an expo where you can find out more about services and resources available for veterans and military spouses alike.

VET Summit FAQs

Who is the VET Summit for?

The VET Summit is specifically designed to connect veterans and military spouses with information, resources and experts in all aspects of transition. From motivational sessions to breakouts on resume building, trends reports, live networking and more, The VET Summit offers a holistic view of transition year after year.

How much does it cost to attend the VET Summit?

Nothing. Nil. Nada. It’s free.

Why is it free? Because it’s more important to us to make the connections and offer real, practical resources to veterans, military spouses and hiring companies, than it is to build the bank.

What if I can't attend on the days of the Summit?

Whether you can only attend for an hour or even not at all, there’s no problem; you can still access ALL the videos on replay for 30 days after the event, but you’ll still need to register so we know you want that access.

Calling all Sponsors!

Is your company hiring veterans? Do you have a product or service you want to get into the post-military community? We’d love to have you as a sponsor of this event!

All tickets to the VET Summit are free to veterans, military spouses and hiring companies—so sponsors are how we are able to keep this in-demand conference going year after year.

If you have questions or would simply like to find out more, please email us at info@recon.vet or use our contact form. We’ll get back in touch with you within 24 business hours.

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