You’re used to having your mission set for you, and your job laid out in front of you. But after transition, you might find that identifying your own purpose can be harder than you thought.

We’re here to help.


Take advantage of all The RECON Network has to offer:

  1. Find your purpose through the RECON: Compass program. It’s free, online, and accessible no matter where you are or when you’re available.
  2. Attend an event in your area to meet local resources who are the “boots on the ground” for all issues you might have to face, as well as local employers looking for you. (No event in your area? Let us know you’re missing one.)
  3. Get one-on-one advice. Our coaching team is full of people who are here to help you along your path—whether it’s a quick 15-minute brainstorm or a longer discussion about where you’re headed; we’re here to help you find your way. (Coming online in 2020).
  4. Check out our online Toolkit for more resources and articles addressing the things you are dealing with.

At The RECON Network, everything we do is focused on you, and helping you find your way on a new path. Maybe you are just exiting the military, or maybe you’ve been out for a while, but whatever the challenges that your transition holds, we are here to help.

From our live events that connect you to employers and other resources, to our online coaching, our free purpose-finding program, RECON:Compass, and the many tools and resources you’ll find in our Toolkit.

Whether you’re in the job search or wanting to start something new, we can help guide you to next steps, all with a focus on your personal vision and purpose for your own life.

It’s not simply about finding a job.
It’s about finding a purpose.



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