At The RECON Network, we are called to help the post-military community achieve a total, successful transition by looking inward to find direction and meaning. In short: our purpose is  helping veterans discover their own.

Jordana Megonigal

Founder | CEO

Jordana Megonigal is CEO and Founder of The RECON Network, an organization focused on the total and holistic transition of the post-military community into a new stage of life.

Coming from a family where nearly every branch of the military was represented, Jordana has long been passionate about our veteran community. Prior to the foundation of The RECON Network in 2015, she worked in an executive role in South Carolina business media, until coming seeing plainly some of the harsh realities facing the veteran community, as reflected in her grandfather’s—an Iwo Jima veteran—final days.

In a major shift, Jordana took her 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, business, workforce and economic development—and her role as a Certified Life Purpose Coach—to create truly different transition services for veterans and military spouses—services focused on meeting the highest needs of those in transition and providing a sense of purpose to everyone they reach.

Scott Winn

Strategic Partnerships

Scott Winn has over four decades of leadership and management experience gained from a career in the military and his subsequent time in the business world.

Scott enlisted in the US Air Force at age seventeen and served for 10 years on active duty, during which he flew over 160 cold war reconnaissance missions as a Chinese Mandarin and Spanish cryptologic linguist, amassing over 3500 flight hours.  After transitioning from the active Air Force to the Army National Guard, Scott attended Officer Candidate School, serving as president of and graduating at the top of his class. He has served as an Intelligence Officer at the Battalion and Brigade Levels, Commanded a Military Intelligence Company, and taught leadership at Officer Candidate School as both a TAC Officer and Chief Instructor.

Scott has extensive experience in commercial, government, and international business, and has enjoyed roles as a startup founder as well as a senior executive in multiple technology companies across sales, business development, and product leadership. Scott also has significant experience pioneering new products and opening new markets, both in the US and internationally.


Intern, Mental Health

Jax is a 7-year old Great Dane rescued from horrible conditions in 2016. His favorite things are chewing on furniture, barking at the air, and running as fast as his legs will take him. While Jax isn’t quite smart enough to be service trained (and too big to go out in public unrestrained), his big heart and happy disposition help us remember that even in difficult situations, there’s always someone out there willing to help you get somewhere better.

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