We are a group of people who believe that finding purpose is one of the most important things anyone can do—no matter who they are. In short: our purpose is found in helping the veteran communities find theirs.

Jordana Megonigal

Chief Executive Officer

Jordana Megonigal is CEO and Founder of The RECON Network, and by trade, a business journalist with 20 years of experience in the field. Starting out as a high school reporter for the local newspaper in Greenville, S.C., Jordana discovered that she loved the field, and went on to graduate from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication with a degree in magazine publishing.

After studying abroad, Jordana took a position in customer service with Dunlop-Maxfli, a leading sporting goods manufacturer, assisting in their service to French Canadian territories. After expanding her career in the fields of customer service, marketing, publishing, public relations and crisis communication, Jordana was selected as editor of Greenville Magazine, and over two years soon became Editor in Chief of Peachtree media, overseeing three publications and a number of events. She was soon recruited by ShowCase Marketing, where she helped build from a ground level ShowCase Publishing, the parent company of a what became a 10-year-old regional business publication, Business Black Box.

Coming from a family where nearly every branch of military was represented, Jordana has long been passionate about our veteran community, and in 2015, found the opportunity to give back when she created RECON South Carolina, an event focused on helping veterans in career transition discover their purpose, translate their skills and connect with resources in the state of South Carolina. Because of her past experience in business, entrepreneurship, career purpose and economic development, she found she was able to offer a unique point-of-view on career planning to the veteran community, and thus refocused RECON in 2017 with the intention of offering it on a national level to veterans across the U.S.

Jordana is very active in her own community as well, and serves as:

  • Board member, Greenville Regional Education Centers Advisory Board
  • Chair, Greenville RECAB Military Committee
  • Board member, Compass of Carolina
  • South Carolina Guardian ad Litem
  • Past Board member, South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • Past Member, Small Business Council, Greenville Chamber of Commerce
  • Past Co-Chair, Greenville Women at Work

Jeremy Boeh

Chief Connections Officer

Jeremy is from Greenville, SC by way of Cincinnati, OH. He is an advocate for the Veteran community, CEO of IOE Consulting, an Iraq war veteran and speaker.

Jeremy got a rather late start in his professional career graduating from Wofford College at 28, after two tours in Iraq. During the course of the last seven years Jeremy has become a subject matter expert in veteran issues, entrepreneurship, strategic growth, professional development and leadership. He has had the opportunity to be featured as a keynote speaker, podcast guest and thought leader across the United States covering topics ranging from personal storytelling to leadership and management.

As a military officer, Jeremy currently serves as a strategic planner and decision maker for the Chemical Corps as the Assistant S3 for the 457th Chemical Battalion. Currently mobilized in Greenville, SC in support of the nation’s Homeland Defense mission; using his leadership and combat experiences to steer the military’s future leaders towards success.

In past career experiences, Jeremy has served as the Founding President of NEXT School Foundation, Founding Entrepreneurship Director of NEXT High School, Co-Founder and Director of Entrepreneurship of The Space at Wofford College, and advocate for entrepreneurial growth in communities. He has a passion for helping Veterans, people and communities tell their stories, building cool stuff and disrupting education.


His military background includes:

Previous assignments

  • Officer Career
  • 414th Chemical Company Commander
  • 414th Executive Officer
  • 414th Platoon Leader
  • Selected for the Green to Gold Program in 2010

Enlisted Career

  • Bravo Company 1-14th Infantry Weapons SQD Leader
  • Bravo Company 1-14th Infantry Line Squad Leader
  • Bravo Company 1-14th Infantry Team Leader
  • Bravo Company 1-14th Infantry Vehicle Commander
  • Bravo Company 1-14th Infantry Riflemen


  • 2010-2011: Kirkuk, Iraq
  • 2007-2009: Sadr City and Camp Taji, Iraq


Intern, Mental Health

Hayes Boeh is the pupper of Chief Connection Officer, Jeremy Boeh. He is a 1-year old Lab mix rescued from the Greenville Humane Society in 2016. His favorite things are exploring, playing fetch, chewing on a good Nylabone and occasionally digging where he knows he isn’t supposed to. He never met a person he didn’t like and loves to make new friends. Hayes is eagerly awaiting acceptance into a program that trains him to be of service to Veterans! In the meantime, Hayes is excited to be a member of the Recon team and wants to remind everyone that naps and belly rubs are the answer to any question.

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