Why Purpose Matters

It’s November—and just like that, another year is almost gone. If you’re one of the few who set specific goals, tracked them and achieved them, you’re probably excited about seeing the results of a year living with purpose. (And, since people with defined purpose tend to live longer, they’re looking forward to more of that better life, as well.) But if you’re like the other 98 percent of us (a totally made-up statistic but one that is probably not too far off from reality), you’re looking at another year of more of the same, and quite possibly wondering what you’re supposed to be doing at all.

The good news is this: you aren’t alone, and it’s not hard to live with purpose.  Sure, it takes commitment and discipline, but no more than you’ve already had to tap into as part of your military career. You, as a veteran, are already more qualified in the things that matter to living in purpose than most of those in the civilian or corporate worlds, simply because of your military experiences.

The bottom line is this: Purpose absolutely matters, and living in your purpose can be life changing. Don’t wait for a new year or a new season in your life to start. Make a decision today to go after what you want most—then break it down into steps, and start taking them. If you need a head start, check out our Purpose Finder worksheet.