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The past few weeks have marked an unprecedented shift in our workforce and economy, and transitioning veterans may be stuck wondering where to go next. In this short webinar, licensed counselor and Army veteran TJ Rumler offers tips for veterans who may be feeling anxious, stuck or just need to take back control in thier own daily life. 
  • ​Specifically built with transitioning veterans in mind
  • ​Free 10-minute coaching session by Army veteran and licensed counselor TJ Rumler MSW, LISW-CP, CCTP 
  • ​Free Daily Check-in worksheet to put it into practice

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The RECON Network is a South Carolina-based company focused on purpose-based career planning, transition resources and consulting for military veterans and their spouses. From the online Compass purpose-finding program to live events, tools and resources, The RECON Network provides events focused on career placement, education and entrepreneurial paths to purpose-based careers and an incorporated lifestyle with local communities—all with a focus on providing meaningful connections and opportunities to the veteran community.
TJ Rumler grew up in West Greenville, SC, seeing firsthand the impacts of poverty, addiction, and racism in his community. Deploying to Iraq with the Army allowed TJ to experience how difficult combat is on soldiers and their families, as well as many failures along the military’s journey towards successful treatment of PTSD. With encouragement from friends and family, TJ left a successful sales career and went back to complete a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Since entering the social work field, he has served fellow Veterans, individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, individuals with HIV/AIDS, children with behavioral and mental health struggles, and currently serves  as Trauma Informed Social Worker with Greenville County Schools. 
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