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Below are a few of the questions we regularly get when we talk to people about RECON. If you have a question we don’t answer below, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you some more info.

Your events sound cool, but I’m not a military veteran. Can I come anyway?

Because RECON is a veteran-focused event by design, we try to make sure we are actually working with our veterans who need this the most. For that reason, we make sure that the people filling up those seats are exclusively veterans or military spouses.

This sounds like a job fair. Is it a job fair?

Actually, no. RECON takes a different approach to determining a veteran’s next career path—and it’s primarily focused on defining purpose and translating current skills and experience. Our hope is that however our RECON vets go about finding their next job, that they are doing it with self-awareness and purpose, to create a fulfilling and meaningful life for themselves.

What do you mean by “defining purpose”?

We believe that each person on this planet has a purpose, and are most happy and fulfilled when they are in environments that support that purpose. So for us, it’s not about filling “a job.”  It’s about determining what makes someone happy and fulfilled at the most basic level, and then building a career and a lifestyle off of that. For more on why purpose is important, check out our page on purpose-based training.

Purpose-focused training sounds interesting, but how can you possibly do that?

To begin with, we incorporate an intensive workshop that breaks down identity, roles, and utilizes a highly-predictive career assessment that helps translate what someone is already built for, and helps us start the “translation” process from a military language into a civilian one. Then, we work on defining individual purpose and individual goal-setting. All these things, when done in collusion with local speakers on career placement, entrepreneurship and education, make up a RECON event.

What sorts of topics does RECON touch on?

We try to cover a wide group of topics, and especially topics in career development, workforce, education and entrepreneurship. Our module selectiosn for our events may include sessions like: 

• Roles + Values

• Personal Mission

• Determining Purpose

• Career Choice

• Vision / Legacy

• Goal Setting

• A Linkedin Profile that Works

• Mentorship & Finding a Mentor

• Starting a business with an idea

• Getting funding for your new business

• Writing a Business Plan

• Small Business Resources

• Networking Tips

• Working through discouragement and rejection

• Organizing a Job Search

• Leadership and Culture Fit

• Job Hunting Soft Skills

• Networking Tips

• Interview

• Resume Build out

• Translating your Skills

• Using Linkedin for a Job Search

• Working through discouragement and rejection

• The Workforce Gap + Needed Careers

• Choosing a college/program

• Using your GI Bill

• PTSD in the Office

• Finding camaraderie in a civilian world

• Time + Task Management

How do I get involved with the RECON Network?

There are many ways to getting involved with the RECON Network, from being a sponsor to a partner provider or even an attendee or speaker. If any of these interest you, let us know and we’ll start a conversation.

What if my city or campus isn’t listed?

We are constantly adding new cities to our lineup to bring RECON events to, so let us know where you are and why you think we’d be a good fit there, and we’ll take a look.


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