Connecting our veteran population to our companies is vital to success—not just for them, but for our economy as a whole.

Is your company truly military-friendly?


With low unemployment comes a highly competitive workforce, and now more than ever, companies are looking to fill their ranks with reliable, experienced and knowledgable employees. The veteran community—including military spouses—is a prime target for these companies, but oftentimes is a source of confusion or discouragement.

Unfortunately, many of those connections are never made—whether it’s due to application disconnects, a lack of ability to translate skills, wage gaps, or more. And in many cases, even filling the job isn’t a fix, as up to 44 percent of veterans will leave a placement due to “bad fit” or lack of engagement within the first six to 12 months.

At The RECON Network, we are in place to assess and address the needs and career fit of the veteran or spouse before they begin the job search, ensuring a better career fit and hopefully, better employee retention. And with years of research and feedback from our clients and attendees, we can help companies identify the “gaps” in their own hiring process that may be preventing the hiring of veterans to these much-needed positions.

From our dual-track events that connect and educate both veterans and hiring organizations, to our coaching and consulting offerings for companies looking to bridge the gaps, The RECON Network is focused on our employers’ access to veterans within their own community.

It’s not simply about finding a job.
It’s about finding a purpose.



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